Florida Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction
Former Prosecutor with 27 Years of Experience
Appeals Lawyer
Former Prosecutor with 27 Years of Experience
Appeals Lawyer

Jason made the impossible possible!

"Jason made the impossible possible!"

2020 |
Client's rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 -- Highly Recommended!

Jason made the impossible possible! After hiring three separate “well reputable and highly sought attorneys,” my case resulted in 23 year prison sentence. After spending nearly $140,000 on lawyers for my defense and appeals (without any success), I lost my faith in all lawyers. I even hired a “Board Certified Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer,” who did absolutely nothing but take my family’s money, I did not know what to do because of my previous experience with these so called “top notch” attorneys. I thought that my life was over and I would have to spend the next 23 years in prison. A family friend who practiced law in Canada had recommended Jason Forman for my post-conviction relief proceedings.

Jason is unlike any attorney I’ve encountered. Jason actually cared about everything that had happened in my case and what the other attorneys did to my family and me. He was not scared to take on and confront my previous attorneys, Even though he sees them on a weekly basis in court. He was ready and willing to depose all of them if it was required. I have witnessed first hand how he went in all for me. I entered into a plea (which resulted in the 23 year sentence), and for those not aware, a plea is like entering into an iron clad contract. The case is pretty much closed and the courts very rarely reverse pleas ( it does not look good on the courts to do so).

However, Jason worked his magic and convinced the State and the Judge into giving me a much better deal for a lot less time. Jason spared my family and me from a lifetime of agony in prison. I am referring to him as Jason, and not Mr. Forman, because Jason was not only my attorney, but he is also a great friend. He will always have a place in my heart. I never thought I could or would ever be able to say that about any attorney. Look no further for an advocate. Jason T. Forman will do everything he can to better your situation. My only regret is not finding him sooner!

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